Bali Introduction

Bali - Introduction

Think of Bali and the familiar images pop up: terraced rice paddies, surfer culture, graceful parades of women carrying temple offerings through the streets. Part of the backdrop to all of this what makes those paddies so fertile, what helped shape the shoreline that draws those surfers, what gives the island's Hindu beliefs their animist underpinnings is the volcanic core of the island.

These mountains are a natural draw for people. For decades they have gazed at the soaring Mount Agung or looked down from the rim of the stunning caldera that features the active volcano of Mount Batur at its center. Some have gone further: hiking down into the caldera to then hike up Mount Batur itself. But now another option has emerged for those that want to raise the adventure stakes a little higher: INFINITY MOUNTAIN BIKING!

Riding atop these volcanoes: heading down into the calderas, circling the crater lakes and cruising through blackened fields of solid lava is only the start though. On the outer slopes, the steepest gradients provide exciting, undulating descents down to more populated areas where the emerald paddies begin and the slope eases off. Here we have linked countless kilometers of interweaving trails, some of it is on the generously wide roadway but there's plenty of tight single track too. All of this adds up to an incredible amount of varied - Infinity - Mountain Biking in Bali.


Welcome to Infinity Mountainbiking Bali, providing Bali's best mountain bike rides. Our small group departures run every day, with personalized itineraries that focus on the islands unique scenery and rich Hindu culture. We take you away from the tourist traps and let you discover the best trails you can find in Bali. Experience Bali the way it should be seen - away from the crowds in the hands of knowledgeable Guides who can show you the hidden spots that make this island come alive. Our small group departures have an average of 4 people ensuring a personalized, genuine experience and a great day of mountain biking.

We have developed a great range of mountain bike trips in Bali. From one-day family adventures to multiple days of single track, there is something for everybody. Our Bali mountain bike trips are an excellent way to explore the many sights this unique island has got to offer. We hope to see you soon and would love to show you why we are based in Bali!

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