First-timer guide to bike-commuting clothing

You have done a bike tour and now are interested to develop your passion for cycling. If you are considering commuting by bike and have no idea about what to wear, use our recommendation as your starting point!


Cycling for weight loss? Is it possible? 🚴

“Your bike is actually one of the best weight-loss tools around.” Who agrees? ‍

Cycling is a great leisure activity but it is also a great exercise for all of the largest muscles in your body, and by using them, you will burn a lot of calories. Even if you stop cycling, your body continues to burn more calories throughout the day to repair your muscles! That’s cool, isn’t it?


Pro riders that ride on Polygon Bikes

Founded in 1989, Polygon bikes prioritize three aspects, which are: innovation, authenticity, and quality. Each product was a result of the innovation of engineers, designers, riders, and creative thinkers from all over the world. Since early 2019, INFINITY MOUNTAIN BIKING has a partnership with Polygon which allows us and our guests to ride in excellent-quality mountain bikes.


Ngaben: A unique Balinese funeral traditions

Generally in Indonesia, the corpse will be buried in the ground. But some ethnic groups have different ways, especially Balinese Hindus. They have a special ceremony named Ngaben – when the deceased will be cremated ⚱️ In preparation, it takes months and all of the people in the villages work together for the successful Ngaben ritual. We have compiled some interesting information about Ngaben which definitely will amaze you! 😲


Top 5 temples in Bali that should not be missed in your trip!

Some people say a holiday to Bali will not be completed without visiting at least one temple in Bali 🛕 There are numerous temples all across the beautiful island which offer their own uniqueness and history. Psst... 🤫 The best time to visit a Balinese Temple is during a religious ceremony! You will be able to see the Balinese Hindu rituals process. And also, locals will decorate the temple which makes it even more alluring 🏵️

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