Cycling with a child on an Infinity Mountain Biking Tour 👶

Bicycle tours can be fun for the whole family and is a great way for your child to explore nature. As long as you have proper planning that will help you to have a safe and enjoyable day out. Here at Infinity Mountain Biking, we have families arriving every month with their children ready to set off on their adventures! ✨ With those experiences, we’ve learned a lot about how to get the most from cycling with a child.


Ride snacking 🌮 🍎 🚴‍

Cycling can be exhausting. It’s important to eat before the ride, also stay hydrated and be prepared with snacks during the ride. The longer you ride and the more hills you power up, the more you depend on snacks to keep your energy up. So, keep snacks on board for any bike ride over an hour. You don’t want to let a starving stomach get in the way of your fun day out, do you? 😎


Traveling from Bali to Lombok

Lombok is a very beautiful island, yet still unspoiled. There are lots of exquisite places: remote beaches – great for surfing, fascinating landmarks, and also Indonesia’s second-highest active volcano, Rinjani.


Cycling in the rain 🌧️

It’s a part of life on your two wheels, especially when you live in or visit a tropical country like Indonesia where the wet season can last from three until six months. In Bali, it can be a beautiful sunny day and in a moment, the sky color turns darker and rain fell. The best thing is that it’s never raining a whole day here – just 20 minutes until one or two hours and the sun comes out again 🌞


Health benefits of cycling

You probably already know that cycling is fun and good for you. But did you know that cycling offers lots of health benefits besides the environmental and economic issues? From muscle building to mental wellbeing, here are some of the proven health benefits a regular ride on two wheels can bring 🚴‍

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