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One Week in Bali: A Great Trip for a Lifetime to Choose

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Limited time does not mean you have a limited way to enjoy Bali. Plan an itinerary with a Bali cycling tour to experience the best parts of the island.

Are you planning to have a short trip to Bali? What is best about a short visit to a particular place is that you would give your best effort to experience the most of it. Though most people would find that Bali is not a place that you could explore in just several days, you may want to take a look at this itinerary on how to spend one amazing week in Bali.

Planning an Itinerary

One week in Bali is a short time, especially because this Island of the Gods has a never-ending charm in its every part. Thus, the key to a successful short trip is to plan a detailed itinerary. If needed, you can also plan which hotel you are staying and what tour providers that you are going to hire to guide you in Bali.

To give you a whole picture of a one-week trip in Bali, this recommended itinerary may inspire you to plan yours.

Day #1 – #2

Depending on what kind of Bali that you want to see, you can start by spending the first and second night in Kuta or Ubud. However, if you get here by plane, Denpasar is the first city that you will step on. From there, you can hire a car, a taxi, or order an online taxi to take you to the hotel.

Many people head right to Ubud to get the true feeling the island. Most of the resorts offer a nature-bound setting, many with an open-air bathroom and private swimming pools. The exotic statues and interior decorations of the hotel would almost certainly stun you out.

Jalan Raya Andong and Jalan Bisma are some of the streets to visit to look for an amazing staying place. At evening, it is also pleasurable to stroll around Ubud and have a culinary experience on one of its restaurants and cafes.

On the second day, you may also want to spend it in Ubud, visiting some of its popular landmarks such as Monkey Forest, Tirta Empul or the Water Palace, Campuhan Ridge Walk, or Ubud Market.

Day #3 – #4

While you are still staying in Ubud, it is recommended that you plan to book a Bali cycling tour across the area. Just like what is offered by Infinity Mountain Biking, a classic downhill bicycle ride around Ubud is just what you need to rush the adrenaline out.

The trip may take 1 – 2 days with different attractions to visit. What is unique from this Bali cycling tour is that you can see Bali from a different view. While walking may only take you around the island’s popular spots, by cycling you can experience the true nature of the island—just how it is naturally should be.

Day #5 – #6

Having finished with Ubud, you can head to Uluwatu, where you’ll find some of the best surf breaks in the world. Located in South of Bali, Uluwatu is one of the most popular tourist destinations, yet less touristy than the crowded Kuta.

If the waves are in, you can directly surf the rolling barrels of the challenging wave or have more intimate experience by visiting the Uluwatu Temple. The temple is situated on top of a cliff side where you can enjoy a 360-degree of a panoramic view of Bali from above. Please be aware that there are a lot of steep stairs to get up and down the temple, so you might want to prepare your legs.

Another beach to visit after Uluwatu is Canggu. It is the best place to visit in Bali if you want to have a more laid-back beach experience, far from the crowds. Most of the beach-side cafes are set with a western style, giving you a modern feeling to the cultural Bali. Echo Beach and Batu Bolong are some of the popular beaches to go.

Day #7

The seventh day is the last day you can visit the most of the island. It is recommended that you hire a driver and a rented car for easier accommodation. Places like Lake Beratan and its Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, Tanah Lot with its royal temple across the sea, and UNESCO’s world heritage site of Jatiluwih rice paddy terraces are the ones to visit.

With an early departure, those three places can be visited in a day. However, don’t go in a rush and take your time in each destination. It is better that you soak in all the wonder of each place than to skip the beauty of it because of the running time.

Why You Should Include a Bali cycling tour in Your Trip

In one of a couple days of your short visit to the island, taking a Bali cycling tour would be highly recommended. Bali has some of the best scenery to look from a closer distance, and you can only get the experience by cycling around it.

Bali cycling tour provider like Infinity Mountain Biking offers various range of cycling activities with different levels of difficulty. With some of the best mountain bikes to use, you can pick the most suitable track from a cultural ride, a soft adventure, to an advanced downhill track along the Bali’s plateau.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight and plan an itinerary now to board on an exceptional experience of the exotic Bali.

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