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What local Balinese snacks would you like to try?

Bali offers a hundred (or maybe more) foods worth to eat at least once in your lifetime. And when it comes to snacks, Balinese don’t play jokes – they are one of the best! From the local market to the street side of this beautiful island, we can easily find a tasty and affordable snack. Eat like a local with our recommendation!

1. Pisang Rai

Banana is a fruit that is highly respected by Hindus in Bali. They make this fruit as one of the offerings for their God. Apart from that, banana is also processed into various types of appetizing food by the Balinese, one of them is pisang rai 🍌 You can easily find this snack at the local market in the morning. Eat it with your coffee or tea and you are ready to start your day!

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2. Gorengan

The snack you must try while you are in Indonesia. Gorengan or fritter refers to fried snacks made of various ingredients and usually coated with flour batter. This snack varies in taste depends on their ingredients. Some of the most popular fritters are Pisang goreng (Banana fritter), Bakwan (Vegetable/ corn and flour-mixed fritter), Tempe goreng (Tempeh fritter), and Tahu isi (Tofu fritter filled with vegetables). However, beware of the small chili as it is extremely hot! 🌶️ 🔥

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3. Rujak

Are you in the mood for something fresh, sour, and spicy? 😋 Then rujak is the answer! Rujak is one of the most popular desserts in Indonesia. Even though there are various types of rujak, the main ingredients are the same: a mix of fruits, veggies, and seasoning. The most well-known Balinese specialty rujak are Rujak Bulung and Rujak Pindang.

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4. Terang Bulan

This sweet pancake has numerous different names all across Asia, why? Because it has a lot of fans in Asia, and Bali is not the exception! The classic toppings are chocolate, banana, cheese, and groundnut while there are also some ‘innovative’ toppings such as Nutella, Oreo, m&m’s, Froot Loops, etc. You can find this mouth-watering food easily on the street side 🍫

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5. Martabak Telur

With the mixing of egg, meat, scallion, spice, and herb, this warm food makes a perfect snack between meals. The outside is crispy, while the inside is soft 😍 It can be enjoyed with vinegar and pickled gravy or chili sauce, and both are totally fine. Basically, martabak telur is terang bulan’s best friend 👬 Usually, the merchant who sells terang bulan is selling martabak telur as well.

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6. Laklak

Laklak is a small cake in the shape of a circle with a diameter of three cm, and has a taste that loved by anyone. Similar to pisang rai, it is also commonly eaten as a breakfast, alongside with delightful Balinese coffee. However, if you do not have time to eat it in the morning, don’t worry, because of its petite shape, laklak is very easy to carry anywhere and can be eaten easily in one bite! 💯 👍

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7. Kacang Disko

Literally translated as Disco Nut, this traditional snack is a popular souvenir both for local and foreign tourist. This snack is suitable for those who like crunchy snacks with a savory sensation. Now, more and more flavor variants are available, starts from the original, spicy, to cheese, barbeque, black pepper, etc. Make sure to bring the taste of Bali for your loved ones at home! ❤️

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