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Health benefits of cycling

You probably already know that cycling is fun and good for you. But did you know that cycling offers lots of health benefits besides the environmental and economic issues? From muscle building to mental wellbeing, here are some of the proven health benefits a regular ride on two wheels can bring 🚴‍


Cycling builds muscle 💪

From both a speed and strength perspective, cycling builds the muscular structure while targeting cardiovascular endurance. When you are pedaling, you use the muscles on your arms, shoulders, buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet.

If you work in a job that involves sitting at a desk for large amounts of time, working out your muscles is really important to help avoid problems with muscles.

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It’s perfect for your joints 🦵

Dr. Safran-Norton says that cycling is good for anyone with joint pain or age-related stiffness. She said that is because it is relatively easy for your joints, unlike walking – which puts the whole weight on the feet.

Cycling is a low-impact exercise – cycling limits impact stress on weight-bearing joints, like your hips, knees, and feet.

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Regular cycling decreases body fats 🤸

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise that weight loss is one of the big benefits of regular cycling. “Even after cycling for 30 minutes, you could be burning a higher amount of total calories for a few hours after you stop,” says sports physiologist Mark Simpson of Loughborough University.

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It helps with our memory 🧠

Researchers from the University of Illinois found that a 5% improvement in cycling led to an improvement of up to 15% in the mental test. It is stated that cycling helps build new brain cells responsible for memory.

“It boosts blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which fires and regenerates receptors, explaining how exercise helps ward off Alzheimer’s,” said Professor Arthur Kramer, the author of the study.

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Goodbye disease! 👋

Maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise, and a careful diet help lower the risk of many deathly diseases such as cancer. On the other hand, studies from Purdue University in the US have shown that regular cycling can cut your risk of heart disease by 50% by improving cardiovascular function.

“Moderate exercise makes immune cells more active, so they’re ready to fight off infection,” says Cath Collins, chief dietician at St George’s Hospital in London.

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Also excellent for mental health 😌

Did you know that stress, anxiety, and depression can be reduced by cycling? Cycling definitely improves your mood.

It helps your heart pumps blood around your body at a greater rate and allows the rapid spread of endorphins and other good substances like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin which associated with a sense of happiness, accomplishment, and satisfaction.

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