Blog Blog Cycling with a child on an Infinity Mountain Biking Tour 👶

Cycling with a child on an Infinity Mountain Biking Tour 👶

Bicycle tours can be fun for the whole family and is a great way for your child to explore nature. As long as you have proper planning that will help you to have a safe and enjoyable day out. Here at Infinity Mountain Biking, we have families arriving every month with their children ready to set off on their adventures! ✨ With those experiences, we’ve learned a lot about how to get the most from cycling with a child.

If you’re wondering what works best at what age or what you need to get out cycling as a family, check out this guide to cycling with a child.


Get the right kit

Before a ride, make sure your child wears a helmet properly – with the forehead protected. Avoid over-tight straps to make them feel comfortable. In Infinity, safety is the number one priority. We always provide various sizes of a helmet which that will fits your child perfectly 👌

Another thing to consider is the weather. When riding on a hot day – make your child apply a nice amount of sunblock and choose light clothing with arm and leg coverage. On the other hand, when the weather is a bit cold or is raining - avoid the cold by ‘wrap’ your child very well. You may prepare a proper jacket and long trousers for your child before a ride, just in case 😉


Cycling with a young child

If your child is still very young, Infinity provides a baby seat which suitable for a child about age 1 – 4 years old (up to 20kg). The baby seat fits on the back of our bike. Baby seat is great for a day out in great weather, which we mostly have in Bali 🌞 🌴

Be aware that the weight and movement of your child can affect the balance of your bike. Also, make sure the bike is stable when you put the child in the seat. Our experienced guide will happily help you and your child throughout the ride.


Cycling with a bigger child 👧 👦

At Infinity, we have three options of child bike size: 20, 24, and 27,5-inch wheels. We can help you choose the right size that will fit your child if you are unsure about it, or you can also request the size beforehand! ‍🚴

If your children are not confident enough in cycling on their own, we have a tagalong bike which will be a perfect fit for 5-7 years old child! It’s a single-wheeled trailer bike attaches to your seat post. It’ll make your child feel independent but still relying on you for balance and control.

❕ Some tips ❕

If you’re riding on a protected path together, you may want to ride beside or behind your child, so your child can set the pace and keep you from going too fast or slow. However, if you’re riding on the sidewalk or a residential street, you may want to ride alongside or ahead of your child, so you get to intersections first.



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