Please have a good read through this page. On all of our mountain bike trips (day tours, short breaks, longer rides and expedition tours) by signing up for the tour (make a booking) you agree with the following terms and conditions as stated in this waiver.

Waiver - Statement of risks and client responsibilities

  1. I, the undersigned participant, being eighteen years or older, or the legal guardian of participants under the age of eighteen,in consideration of services rendered by Infinity Mountainbiking do hereby waive on my behalf and that of my heirs, any and all claims, causes of actions, or demands of any kind against Infinity Mountainbiking, its employees, officers, and agents of any injuries, death, illness or material loss that may occur from participation by myself and those under my legal guardianship in any activities led, guided, or instructed by Infinity Mountainbiking officers, agents, and/or employees and through use of Infinity Mountainbiking rental equipment.

  2. I understand that recreational endeavors such as mountain biking, swimming, canyoneering, diving, hiking and other adventure activities offered by Infinity Mountainbiking are, by nature, inherently dangerous and that with each of these activities come the risk of injury or death. I understand and agree that for the duration of the above mentioned tour I am fully responsible for my death and safety, as well as the health and safety of above mentioned minor(s) under my legal guardianship, and I accept the assume all responsibility for injury, death, or property damage arising from participation in these activities and through use of Infinity Mountainbiking rental equipment.

  3. My participation in Infinity Mountainbiking tours and rental is purely voluntary and I elect to do so in spite of risks. These risk include,but are not limited to, the following dangers: 1. Latent or apparent defects in equipment; 2. Use and operation of equipment; 3. Rugged remote conditions, primitive trails, rocky ground, cliffs, steep grades, vertical exposure, sharp turns, motor vehicles; 4. Weather condition creating slippery trails, lightning, and risks of exposure; 5. Illness due to dehydration, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, fatigue, etc; 6. Dangerous wildlife and plants such as poison ivy, latang (stinging plants), scorpions, bees, wasps, poisonous snakes, mosquitoes, etc.

  4. I understand the knowledge that no medical benefits will be provided to me during this event. I certify that I (or those under my guardianship) am/are in good physical condition and have no maladies that impair motor skills, endurance or could hinder or affect in any way emergency medical attention. I have no allergies to bee stings, animals, plants or substances that I may come in contact with on this tour. I carry personal accident insurance sufficient to cover property damage and/or bodily injury that may occur to myself and/or any of the above-mentioned minor(s) under my legal guardianship, or I am capable of personally paying for any and all such expenses or liability. I understand that I am fully responsible for search and rescue charges should the need arise during this event.

Thank you kindly for your understanding.

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