Bali MTB Boot Camp – 7 days adventure for the true mountain bikers 🚵 🔥

This trip is all about mountain biking the very best trails in Bali! There is uphill, fast downhill and everything else in between. We will be on the bikes for 5 days in a row on this beautiful island 🏝


Languages spoken in Bali 🗣

Bali is blessed with plentiful natural beauty. No wonder the island attracts millions of travelers from all over the world. Countless island-goers visit the paradise for an escape and ended up falling in love with Balinese culture, lifestyle, and including the language. Most Balinese are bilingual – they can speak in Indonesian and Balinese, lots of them are also trilingual with English as their third language. While locals are known for their friendliness and openness towards foreigners, conversing with them in Indonesian or Balinese can be a great way to connect with them more 🙏


Hike & Bike Mt. Batur – two day of an unforgettable experience

Ever wondered what a volcano looks like up close? Ever wanted to hike up a volcano? Ever wanted to cycle through the lava stream of a volcano? Ever wanted to bathe in the rejuvenating hot springs of a volcano? Ever wanted to spend the night with a beautiful volcano as a backdrop? Ever wanted to do some great mountain biking in Bali? 🌋🚵‍


Ogoh-ogoh: Evil spirits trapped in giant dolls 👹

If you’re in Bali, you might have seen a lot of Balinese gather together at Banjar (neighborhood) building creating something huge that resembles a form of a giant doll. About a month before Balinese New Year, Nyepi, the Balinese youth get together and build Ogoh-ogoh.


Feel the charm of Senggigi ✨

Only 30 minutes’ drive from the capital city of Lombok, Senggigi may not be as popular as Gili Islands or Mount Rinjani. However, it remains one of the most charming tourist hubs in Lombok. Infinity now operates three new mountain bike tours in Lombok, one of them is called ‘Senggigi Loop’. As the name suggests, the ride starts and finishes at the beautiful Senggigi Beach 🌴🌊

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