COVID-19 Update

Dear Everyone,

The past 17 months have been a very challenging and difficult time for most people. The COVID19 pandemic has changed so much in our everyday lives. Also here in Bali, many things we took for granted are no longer possible or very limited.

Being in the hospitality industry. Infinity Mountainbiking, has been very heavily affected by the pandemic. As Indonesia's borders closed by the end of March 2020, we were forced to temporarily close down and now all of our activities are reduced to an absolute minimum. To put things in perspective, Until 2019, August has always been our busiest month where we successfully guided around 18-20 people per day. Since the lockdown started 2020 March 20 we have guided around 20 people in total.

We were always hoping to resume our tours around this time  (August 2021), but instead, we are in partial lock down again. So we are basically back where we started 17 months ago :(

We are still able to keep employing some of our crew but we had to let go of almost everyone (35 people) and most of our staff members have returned to their villages. Needless to say, it's been a very difficult 17 months for us personally as well. Of course, Bali will bounce back and so will Infinity. And when that day comes we hope to welcome you back to Bali

New reopening will now be scheduled around 2021 October, fingers crossed!

Big Hugs and Stay Safe!

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